How To: Create an Indian Peacock Mehndi Design Tattoo

Create an Indian Peacock Mehndi Design Tattoo

Are you a tattoo enthusiast? Well then, there is no better tattoo than mehndi. Here are the reasons: it's natural hence no side effects; it is temporary and fades in a weak giving you the opportunity to try something new each time; it dries up soon and does not have a healing down time. There are thousands of Indian mehndi designs which might be traditional but with a bit of change in placement can look very modern and trendy. One such design is the peacock design. Yes, it is a design seen very frequently in mehndi designs but those designs cover the complete hand. If made in isolation, this design looks like a modern tattoo and as the outlines are thick, the colour stays for a longer time. So check out this Indian mehndi design step by step tutorial and enjoy new tattoos every weak!

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